Invitation of A Study of U.S.AMulti-racial Society and Rich Culinary CultureGreat Nature and Outdoor ActivitiesSports SupremacyFilms, TVs and LiberalismArts of Music and Stage Performance

Politics, US Constitution, and DemocracyAmerican Media and Opinion MakersEducation and Science as ReligionEconomic Giant and IndustriesUS Cities and Mass-transportationsMighty Military and Technological Innovation

Young Entrepreneurs and Silicon ValleyFashion Industry and Gay PowerGeniuses, Inventors, and SocietyUS Literature and Americans in LiteratureLaw-governed States、Law-enforcers, and CrimesHomeless, Disabilities and Welfare system






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Prologue: The Invitation of U.S.Studies


日本とアメリカの比較/Comparison of USA to Japan

戦後70年日本型民主主義の欠陥の顕在化/After70years since the end of WWII, the pit falls of Japanese- style democracy are getting noticed like diplomatic isolation, dysfunctional constitution, ignored individual fundamental right  and so forth .

Now is the better time that we have to visit the democracy from the country that gave our country the constitution after WWII.